Summary of Jürgen Klopp's Post-Match Press Conference vs Union SG

6th October 2023

Jürgen Klopp met with the media following Liverpool's 2-0 shutout win over Union SG. He said he was very pleased with the result while acknowledging there were plenty of areas where the club's performance could have been better. The boss also discussed 's first goal in a Liverpool shirt and the team being able to make a large number of changes in the lineup and still get results.

A Mixed Reaction From Klopp

There was plenty to like about Liverpool's victory, which Klopp certainly took the time to point out, but he also touched on some areas with which he wasn't so pleased.

“[We] got the result we wanted and know we can do better. But on top of that a lot of good individual things I saw; good performances. but yes it could've been better as well. We should [be] better, play better, use our chances more often if you want to be successful in the competition, that's clear. But I'm not angry or concerned or whatever it's just for today it was like that, and we know we have to do better, that's it.”

Gravenberch Grabs First Liverpool Goal

Ryan Gravenberch scored the opening goal for Liverpool in the 44th minute. It marked the third time he has been on the scoresheet in three starts after garnering an assist in each of his other two appearances in the Starting XI.

“I think it's really obvious how good he is, what a talent he is,” Klopp said of Gravenberch. “He's enjoying the situation, enjoying himself, that's very important, [he] gets step by step all the confidence back, that's really cool to see. He's in the middle of the group, and fits really well to the age group of the majority of the squad, so that's really good. That's only positive.”

Showing Off The Depth

Liverpool made 9 changes in the Starting XI before the game, but the club still played well and got the in spite of all the changes.

“Development [is] in the right direction,” Klopp said. “That's what we need to have. How can we now stand here with not having an injury crisis – which we don't have in the moment and hopefully it stays like this – and not change your team? We need a specific amount of players for four competitions, that's what we have and I am really happy with that, absolutely. I think we changed nine times tonight; it would have been 10 if Caoimhin Kelleher could have played. Good, important and necessary because we play in four competitions.”

LFC Globe Verdict

This was a typical Klopp presser. He praised the effort of the team and individual players, like Ryan Gravenberch while also acknowledging what areas need work. Liverpool is relatively injury-free at the moment so it's good to see bench players get meaningful minutes in these competitions so if they are called into Premier League action, they will be ready.

Key Quotes

“We got the result we wanted and know we can do better.”

“Development [is] in the right direction. That's what we need to have.”

Video provided by: LFC Globe

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