Is Dominik Szoboszlai The Best Midfielder Liverpool Have Ever Had Since Steven Gerrard

7th February 2024

The of from for £60million came as quite a shock for most fans. While many would have been aware of him, an attacking midfielder being brought in when central and defensive midfielders were a priority, it was certainly seen as questionable by some fans.

The quick way in which the signing was completed was staggering. Within a day of being linked with the Hungarian captain, pictures of him in a Liverpool top were already circulated.

As soon as he took the field, he looked like he belonged. A tall, energetic technical midfielder who possesses the work rate to be a box-to-box midfielder and more. Within several games, fans have begun asking ‘Just imagine if we had him two years' and that's a credit to just how good he is.

His talent is so apparent that it's left Liverpool fans asking whether Dominik Szoboszlai is the best midfielder Liverpool have had since the great .

He Can Do Everything Like Gerrard

The biggest compliment you could pay Steven Gerrard is that he could do everything. If you wanted a player who could tackle, pass, dribble, shoot, and cross all at a high level, look no further than the former Liverpool captain.

There have been several ‘the next Steven Gerrard' since he made his name at his boyhood club but none have come close. Enter Dominik Szoboszlai. He is not the next Steven Gerrard as he's himself and what a player he is and will become at in the years to come.

The 22-year-old is already a leader in the Liverpool team despite playing just a few games for the club. His hunger, determination to and never-say-die attitude have already made him a fan favourite as his destiny to be the best player he can is in Liverpool.

You Can't Forget Xabi Alonso

Perhaps one of the most intelligent players to play for Liverpool, the Spaniard was a conductor in the midfield alongside Steven Gerrard and Javier Mascherano.

Blessed with the gift of a pass and an IQ that few footballers have, Xabi Alonso could see sequences happen on a pitch before anybody else. A perfect partner for a marauding Gerrard who was all about the action in the middle of the park, Alonso was the man who kept the tempo at the pace he liked.

In his debut season at the club, he won the UEFA -  a game he scored in - and in the five years he spent at Anfield, he solidified his legacy as one of the great players to play for the club.

As Dominik Szoboszlai begins his journey in Liverpool, he's already got the number of the city's greatest son, he now has to live up to it.

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