Who Will Finish As Liverpool’s Top Scorer This Season?

2nd April 2024

Realistically, there are perhaps two players for Liverpool that could fight it out for the title of the club's top scorers this season.

They are, obviously, and . While Liverpool house a dazzling forward line with the likes of , , and , the trio are either not as clinical or will not play enough to challenge for Liverpool's top scorer this season.

Injuries also can't be ignored as Díaz and Jota both missed several months of last season while the Portuguese star is currently out with a muscle injury he suffered in the 1-1 against .

The overwhelming favourite will certainly be the Egyptian King considering he's been the club's top scorer every season he's been at the club as well as sitting on 208 goals in a Liverpool shirt.

However, with the drastic improvements made by Núñez this season, if things go right for the striker, he will certainly have a case to challenge Salah.

If you had to pick Liverpool's top scorer this season, would it be Mohamed Salah or Darwin Núñez?

It'll Be Salah's Seventh Top Scorer Title

Mohamed Salah has not only proved himself to be one of prolific scorers in the since joining Liverpool but also one of the best in the world.

With 208 goals and counting for Liverpool, Salah is one of the greatest scorers in the modern era of English football and has rarely had competition to match his output season after season. 

He's scored no less than 19 Premier League goals a season since joining Liverpool - the same can't be said for the likes of , Son Heung-min and pretty much anybody else not named Erling Haaland (currently on 18 goals in 24 games).

With the 31-year-old also on penalty duty for his club, he statistically has the best chance to claim the top scorer title on .

It's Darwin Nùñez's breakout season

It may be quite the reach to suggest that Darwin Núñez could edge Mohamed Salah as Liverpool's top scorer this season but if someone was going to rival him, I'd bet on the Uruguayan.

The 24-year-old's combination of pace and movement automatically makes him a dangerous option in the box and if he continues to work on his finishing capability, he'll easily become one of the best goalscorers in England.

So far this season, he's scored seven goals in 20 games and made six assists which is certainly not bad output for the striker.

However, he's had many glorious chances this season and missed but has also shown coolness in front of goal such as his brace earlier this season against Newcastle.

Núñez contains deadly finishing ability but is just not consistent enough with it. If that consistency arrives this season, he may become the next superstar in English football.

With Salah ahead of Núñez by six goals in all competitions, who will finish the season as Liverpool's top scorer?

LFC Globe Verdict

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Darwin Nunez of Liverpool interacts with teammate Mohamed Salah during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and at on September 03, in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images)

Despite the goal-scoring improvement shown by Núñez, Salah's clinical-ness in front of goal as well as his responsibility on penalties means he will once again finish as Liverpool's top scorer this season.

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