Will Liverpool win a trophy next season?

29th April 2023

Well, that's certainly the grand old question.

Liverpool no doubt have the talent to trophies, now that is undeniable.

The aspect that can be questioned is whether the club will help acquire the players he needs to help bring a sustained era of success back to the club.

The only key players removed from the last five years at Liverpool are Georginio Wijnaldum and .

While Liverpool have yet to adequately replace Wijnaldum, they've since signed last January, this past summer and this January.

While they haven't shown it this season, Liverpool do possess an impressive defence as the club must target a center-back this summer with rumours of Liverpool and parting ways, with his contract running out in 2024.

What happens this summer will be tied to whether Liverpool can win silverware next season.

They will lift a trophy

Liverpool have struggled this season.

They will end the season without a trophy (if you don't count the ) and were frankly not even close to claiming silverware.

An elimination in the in the UEFA , and two fourth-round knockouts in both the and spelled two meagre defences of the two trophies Liverpool won last season.

However, the team suffered mass injuries this season which has no doubt harmed their chances of a successful season.

With the team able to have a fruitful, restful summer after several seasons of high-intensity football, playing over 50 games a season, the energy in some players could return and couple that with a few new signings, Liverpool could be back to the summit earlier than we think.

However, the team MUST bring in at least two midfielders if they want any chance of adding to its trophy cabinet.

They will go trophy-less

Another potential trophy-less season for Liverpool next season could spell the end of an era, especially if and continue to battle it out at the top of the table.

The work that needs to be done with the squad is apparent and the club are more than capable of acquiring the targets they need to help improve the squad.

Considering the change in formation Klopp has made, it reduces the need for a mass influx of midfielders with just two additions, albeit the right ones, which could greatly increase the potential of a successful season ending with silverware.

As we see today, do you believe Liverpool will win a trophy next season?

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